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M500 Cellwatch – watch with a phone

October 24, 2007

Here is a watch that basically do everything ur heart desire, at least for the part of make calls and sms. This watch that is called M500 Cellwatch is is the world’s smallest mobile watch phone, with a touchscreen feature and a bluetooth, MP3 and 4 this is some cool watch to have. Besides those […]

Nixon Lodown LCD Tide Watch

July 26, 2007

  Surfers who is crazy about surfing the wave and would like to find the right wave to surf on, I guess this is the best bet for you to go for, the Nixon’s Lodown digital watch is pre-programmed with tide charts for 200 beaches around the world and the best thing is it will […]

Suunto Lumi For The Women

July 26, 2007

Suuto Lumi which is another addition to the Suunto’s line of watches has come up with a watch just for the women. Fucntion such as the altimeter, barometer, compass, sunrise and sunset function and menu with four different languages. Difference is that it is all in different straps, lucky that the strap shows a more […]

GForce Utility Watch

July 3, 2007

  Ying and Yang do compliments and I can prove it in this picture of a watch with analog and digital face. Both are functional with no problem at all. So why do you need one when you can have both?? Style and looks does not lack in this new G Force watch with orange, […]

Sphere Clock

January 13, 2007

For those who likes something different, well here is a sphere clock. It’s about 6 1/2″ in diameter and looks very cool on your office desktop! The minutes are displayed in the middle of the sphere in green LEDs, while the hours will be displayed in red LEDs around the edge. There is 12 red […]

Mini Car Cuckoo Clock

January 12, 2007

  Remember the good old cuckoo clock, well u might want to consider this cuckoo clock instead of “cuckoo cuckoo” every hour it will be an engine noise and a horn. This new MINI CAR Cuckoo Clock will be the substitute for good old birdie. The chrome clock is based on the speedometer of the […]

Tissot Collections

December 2, 2006

Touch Me, Baby. Touch ma’ screen

December 2, 2006

Being tag by me as the hotest, sexiest watch, Tissot has proudly launch its commemorative watch for the 15th Asian Games from its T-Touch line. With the features such as the altimeter, chrono, compas, alarm, thermometer, barometer, date and time. This watch sure beats any top of the line sports watch by having the ‘touch […]

Rambo Watch

November 30, 2006

Ever wonder how you could spy on your neighbour with your flying helicopter toy well now you can with a new technology that Tadiran Communications develop and delivers a real-time images taken by a helicopter(real chopper) on to a 3-inch LCD display. This futuristic wristwatch is the way of the future with its receiver giving […]

Pajala Sun Square – BIGGEST SUNDIAL,Sweden

November 29, 2006

Out sizing India’s and New York’s biggest is the PAJALA SUN SQUARE which is 38.33 metres in diameter, making it the biggest and holding the world record for its size. As for the sundial it display a true solar time which it is half-an-hour ahead of national time and separating the true solar time, due […]