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Rambo Watch

November 30, 2006

Ever wonder how you could spy on your neighbour with your flying helicopter toy well now you can with a new technology that Tadiran Communications develop and delivers a real-time images taken by a helicopter(real chopper) on to a 3-inch LCD display. This futuristic wristwatch is the way of the future with its receiver giving […]

Pajala Sun Square – BIGGEST SUNDIAL,Sweden

November 29, 2006

Out sizing India’s and New York’s biggest is the PAJALA SUN SQUARE which is 38.33 metres in diameter, making it the biggest and holding the world record for its size. As for the sundial it display a true solar time which it is half-an-hour ahead of national time and separating the true solar time, due […]

Which sundial is bigger?

November 29, 2006

A New York sundial which was contructed for the 1939 World’s Fair stand at 80 feet tall was considered the biggest sundial in the world! But I have also come across another biggest and oldest sundial in the world which is in India. I let you be the judge of the anormousity of this two […]

Barcode Clock

November 26, 2006

Remember those barcodes you’ve been seeing in all of your daily products, well here is a new trend in getting yourself BARCODE…get yourself tag with style by having your own personal details ‘barcoded’. Not only can you get yourself barcoded you can also hav a clock run on your window or web in barcode style. […]

What time is your country?

November 25, 2006

Ever wonder what time is Australia? Vancouver? Sri Lanka ? Argentina? Well wonder no more as I bring you to the world clock. You can find out what time Australia or even Alaska with this new world clock, just ‘click here‘ to enter the site and start traveling in time. If you plan to see […]

Its bracelet no its a WATCH

November 24, 2006

This is just about the coolest watch I have seen. The new concept watch, the DD101, is a fine collaboration of art and technology. The watch takes advantage of the flexibility of electroluminescent display technology. The stunning digital readout is hidden in an oversized bangle, simply pressing the sides causes the time to pop up. […]

Health Watch your personal shield

November 24, 2006

Nowadays they are making electronics that do everything to make our lives easier. Well how about a watch that keeps you healthy? Philip Stein has introduced a line of high-end timepieces which combine style and a special Teslar chip. Developed several years ago, Teslar technology was designed to emit a signal that shields live cells […]

Music Controler Wristwatch

November 24, 2006

A bluetooth watch is nothing new. Just recently we talked about the new Fossil caller ID watch. But now there’s a bluetooth watch that allows you to control your music on your phone. While the Sony Ericsson MBW-100 contains almost all the same features as the new Fossil watch the advantages are a much m […]


November 24, 2006

Here is some nice swatch collections.    

Flying Clock

November 24, 2006

Snooze no more thanks to the Blowfly alarm clock. It works by launching itself at the preset time, hovers in the air and emits an annoying buzzing noise much like that of a Nat or mosquito. To get the Blowfly alarm clock to shut up, you have to peel back your crusty eyes and catch […]